Ice Breaker (Xeno Flail)


Peerless Dogged Relic Flail (Profile: Melee; 1d10+10 I; Pen 2; Unbalanced; 7.5kg)

Krystaliczny i lekki korbacz, mimo swego pięknego zielonego wyglądu, jest śmiertelnie groźny.

Melee Weapon: This melee weapon is a work of art, all elegant curves and killing edges, made to specifications so precise that it could not possibly be of human design. Increase its Damage and Penetration by 2, and reduce its weight by half. If it has the Unwieldy Quality, it loses it and gains the Unbalanced Quality. If it has the Unbalanced Quality, it loses it. Otherwise, it grants a +5 bonus to Tests made to Parry with it (this is cumulative with the bonus provided by the Balanced Quality).

Dogged: For better or for worse, this device seems near-impossible to lose. No matter the circumstances, it always seems to find its way back into its owner’s hands eventually.


Ice Breaker (Xeno Flail)

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