Ceremonial Dagger (Xeno Power Blade)


Innovative Vanishing Power Blade (Profile: Melee; 1d10+4 E; Pen 5; Balanced, Power Field; 1.5kg)

Ceremonialny sztylet Xeno z Lucin’s Breath. Jest smukły, zielonkawy i krysztaliczny.

Melee Weapon: This weapon is elegant in design and efficient in function, but is clearly meant as much for ceremony as function. It is largely unremarkable, except for obviously being of xenos manufacture. Reduce its weight by half and its Damage by 1.

Vanishing: This item is infuriatingly difficult to find, even when its owner only puts it out of sight for a moment. Search Tests to find this item (including when it is concealed on a body) suffer a –10 penalty.


Ceremonial Dagger (Xeno Power Blade)

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